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Here are you can buy different Atlantic algae and seaweeds products online. The Atlantic seaweeds we sell  are harvested from the wild.

Will keep if stored in a cool dark place, such as a kitchen cupboard, nearly indefinitely by room temperature.

 Sold as flakes, powder, capsules, leaves, sliced, sheets.


Product palet, Kelp/kombu (laminaria digitata), Sugar Kelp (Laminaria saccharina),Sea Lettuce (Ulva Lactuca), Rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), Bladderwack (Fucus Vesiculosus), Dulse/dillisk/sol (Palmaria palmate), Laver. (Porphyra), Wild Nori, Sea Spaghetti.(himanithalia elongate), Wakame (Alaria esculenta), Seaweed mixture. ( green+brown+red type seaweeds), Irish Moss, carageenan, (Chrondrus crispus), Entermorpha, Pelvetia canalicutata, Seaweed bath mixture, Ingredients for cosmetics, Petfood supplements, Animal feed supplements.

Seaweed Flakes, hydrated and Sliced, Milled, Capsules. 

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Can be worth it if you're looking for something not easily found.


Bulk products are offered at discount rates.


Health, vitality and beauty.


Health is a multi dimensional choice and important for the realization of your full potential and slow down of the aging processes. A good diet will help to keep healthy. All it takes is a little work in the here and now.

Try our seaweed bath.

If you fancy a little pampering you can’t do much better than a nice, relaxing  seaweed bath. While many of us think of bathing as a purely functional activity, soaking in the tub with seaweed in it actually has many benefits outside of getting you clean. Just taking time out to soak in a hot seaweed bath has many psychological and health benefits for a start, helping to induce relaxation and calm the mind, also help stimulate circulation and relax sore or tired muscles.



Alternative Health, Alternative Medicine, Health Food

Mankind early insights were based on the simple observations that nutrition - aside from the obvious need to eat/get sufficient energy –

It has a direct effect on the health of your body/organism.

People have been sscouring the world to find what they believe were the absolute and most effective solutions for staying health and prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Kelp and seaweed, a gift of the Gods! Rich in minerals, vitamins, protein, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, low in calories and in general very protective.

Now; kelp, Seaweed & Algae are now used as a Nutritional Supplements and used in an attempt to Prevent the development of Chronic Disease. It is not a cure, a way by which you can protect you and your family by optimising nutrition.

The information can help to turn your life around… or possible save it. By spending a few minutes reading will do not harm you but armed with the information able to prevent the worst in life.

Not just nutrition but health, happiness, relaxation and pleasure in live.

Cosmetics and seaweed Bath.

 Seaweeds have been used for eons to firm the skin.

•          Crushed algae is often used in seaweed masks.

•          Carrageenan, a gel extracted from Irish sea moss, is commonly used as a cosmetic thickening agent. 

•          Bladderwrack (fucus), a brown seaweed, is often used in cellulite-reducing creams to eliminate excess fluid from the skin.


Seakelp products are not only rich in minerals like magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, all of which are known for their deeply cleansing and antibiotic properties but vitamins and protein. Healthy, invigoration, the feeling of being alive and yet peacefully calm.”

Reducing “Pollution, stress, fatigue and effects of bad eating habits” all affecting our health and well-being, the body. This leads to vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can result in broken capillaries, loss of firmness, skin lesions, dry scaliness and more.


Properties of seaweed, seaweed information site.

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