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We did start selling high quality whole-leaf  North Atlantic sea vegetables to health minded individuals. Increasingly we are providing these premium products to the retail health food industry. Now, food manufacturers, food service providers and food technologists are using our milled sea vegetables. Our expansion program including the construction of two green house tunnel with storage will help to increase capacity.



Now also provides ground sea vegetables in bulk lots for ingredients in food service and manufacturing: Kelp and sweet kelp in powder and granules. Milled sea spaghetti, Fucus vesiculosus,  Pelvetia Canalicuta, bladderwack and Irish rockweed, Irish Moss. Bulk Sea Seasonings. We can help source other sea vegetable products. All products 100% natural, no additives with a guaranteed refund or replacement.

Most people don’t think of turning to the Earth’s oceans for vegetables, yet there is a vast source of nutritious food available there that is just now reaching the mainstream diet in the United States .

Because it’s dehydrated and milled form easy in use, to store and transport.

Now well known that:**The optimum nutritional micro-environment of every cell in the body is vital  to achieve or restore optimal health; deficiencies in this environment cause the body to be more susceptible to diseases and degeneration.**

    There is now scientific consensus that a healthy nutrition is  the most powerful mean of preventing disease but one of the problem is that is difficult to get it all from normal food. Seaweed can really help here.

The Atlantic coast of Ireland is one of the most productive seaweed growing areas in the world. Its climate, over 5000 kilometres of rocky habitat, abundance of nutrient-rich waters and large tidal flow make it an ideal habitat for macro algae or seaweed. The gulf stream

.carrying clean water full of nutrients and oxygen from Mexico to Ireland all year round. . More than 600 different species of seaweed have been identified in Irish waters. One reason for this diversity is it’s located between 51 and 55° N. A range of

latitudes that straddle both the northern limit for some warm-water species and the southern limit for some cold-water species.

We harvest our seaweed at Coulagh bay and the ring of Beara.

Coulagh Bay has no industrial discharge areas, nor any city sewage discharge nearby. An other way to guarantee that the seaweed harvested will not be polluted.

Commercial uses of seaweed:

·         Nutritional drink manufacturers choose a supplement of one or more seaweeds for their health benefits—providing essential mineral and trace minerals, vitamins for sea formulations, super nutrition drink formulas, herbal extracts.

·         Food manufacturers and food service providers using milled seaweed to impart a salty taste to their products. Reducing the amount of sodium content. Others for their moderate binding qualities or to lightly thicken cooked product. You will find seaweed in different seasoning blends, salad dressings, frozen entrees sauces and gravies, soup stock, trail mixes and baking.

·         Traditionally for the vegetarian market. A good source of protein and enzymes for people on vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, and raw food diets.  Until recently the  big users on a individual basis. The so-called health food shops.

·         Seasoning. Another less known property is the flavour enhancement. Seaweed contain natural MSG. Synthetic MSG is used a lot to improve flavour profiles. There are indication linking MSG to body weight increases. Kelp is used more and more to enhance existing flavours without the use of synthetic MSG or other chemicals.

·         Natural HBA manufacturers use seaweed in cosmetics, shampoos and skin treatments.

More recently as source of alginic acids (sodium alginates), to remove pollutants, heavy metals and radioactive isotopes from the body and the bones.

Cost of shipment in Europe.

1 lb by post 4.85 euro

4 lb by post 10.75 euro

60 lb by courier 30-40 euro



Milled seaweed


Seaweed milk shake

The first well known seaweed milkshakes were made from dried natural seaweed, blended with both condensed and evaporated milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and some ice, this drink is surprisingly refreshing and tasty. What's more this energy-restoring seaweed shake is claimed to be a proven aphrodisiac, but also of curing almost everything from anaemia to tuberculosis, "good for the back", boosting virility, vitality, and verve?

Laver or porphyra 

Seaweed filled capsules

Use of seaweed and Capsules filled with milled seaweed to optimise the diet.




Why seaweed?


 We are now faced with so many health challenges, physically.



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